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Network Status

  • US East: Normal
  • US West: Normal
  • Europe: Normal
  • Asia: Normal

Calling Plans


One rate

One low price for all calls in the US & Canada.

Low volume metered

For customers with low volume where an unlimited plan doesn't make sense.

High volume metered

For those using auto dialers or running call centers that require multiple trunks.


Enjoy a minimum of 25% savings over traditional phone service.

Phone Numbers


Local numbers in 50 states

Expand your reach, we can provide numbers anywhere in the US.

Toll free 800/888/877/866/855

Let your customer's know that the call is on you.

Virtual numbers

Forward your number to any other number in the world.

Blocks of numbers

We can provide number blocks of any size, anywhere.

International numbers in 43 countries

Want international presence? You pick the country, we'll get you the number.
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Network Information


Carrier class

No single point of failure, fully redundant self healing architecture.

4 major switching hubs

Located on both US coasts, in Europe and Asia, with additional regions planned.

Cloud architecture

Living in the cloud means we're highly scalable and available.

Connected to the largest carriers

With connection to all major carriers, customers can choose their flavor.

Latency optimized routing.

We optimize routes between you and our carriers on every single call.
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Reseller Opportunities


Highest profit share

RateTel resellers enjoy the highest profit in the industry

Always available support

Our 24x7x365 always available back end supports you and your customers

Hands on or off

After the sale, handle as much or as little customer interaction as you want

24x7x365 monitoring

Our portal lets you view your customer's billing and support tickets in real time

Company provided leads

Any leads that are in reseller sales areas are given to resellers
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Customer Reviews

Tim J. New York, NY
After running our latest add campaign, we got so busy that we exhausted the number of simultaneous call channels we had ordered. By simply logging into our customer account we were able to order more channels and have them available immediately.
Jennifer T. Seattle, WA
Being new to VOIP, we were skeptical about the call quality and reliability that VOIP had to offer. I couldn't believe how much better calls through our RateTel service sounded when we compared them to our old traditional phone company.
Skip W. Miami, FL
With our last provider we constantly experienced loss of service, sometimes weekly. Since switching to RateTel we've experienced zero downtime and our calls have never sounded better.
Faith L. Phoenix, AZ
With our old VoIP provider, we could never get a live person on the phone. Whenever we call RateTel we always get a live person.
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